Delightful Celebration Cakes for all your special occasions

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, there is nothing quite as delightful as a delicious cake. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other milestone, a celebration cake is the perfect way to mark the occasion and make it truly memorable. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right cake for your special day. But fear not, because we have rounded up some of the most delicious celebration cakes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and impress your guests.

First on our list is the chocolate truffle cake. Rich, moist, and decadent, chocolate cake is a perennial favorite that never fails to please. Whether you prefer a simple 6 inch cake to serve 4-6 people or a full sheet sized cake to serve 50 or more people, our chocolate truffle cake is a crowd-pleaser that will leave everyone wanting more.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, consider a fruit-filled cake. From strawberry cream to mango mousse, fruit cakes are a refreshing and delicious option that adds a burst of flavor to any celebration. The combination of moist cake layers, fresh fruit, and light whipped cream frosting creates a delightful balance of sweetness and tanginess that is sure to please even the most discerning palates.

For those who prefer a nuttier option, a pistachio or a butterscotch cake with nougat and crunch nut crumble is the way to go. These cakes are known for their airy texture and delicate flavor, making them the perfect choice for a birthday celebration or a more sophisticated affair.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a red velvet or a tiramisu cake? Not only do they look impressive, but they also taste amazing. Whether you choose a 9 inch round cake or an assortment of cake slices, Bix Bakery & Café’s cakes are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike. So go ahead, indulge in a slice of heaven and make your special day truly unforgettable with a delicious celebration cake from Bix Bakery & Café.

Cake Flavors:

Cookies n Cream Cake:

Inspired by the nostalgic flavors of cookies and cream, our cookies and cream cake is made with a rich chocolate sponge and fresh, vanilla cream filling that’s accented with crumbled cookie pieces. We add the final touches with vanilla cream and cookies and cream crumbs, topping the cake with swirl piping, Oreo biscuits and chocolate decorations.

Mango Cake:

Our mouthwatering, zesty mango glazed cake is a firm favorite. Three layers of vanilla sponge alternate with mango cream and mousse. Elegantly coated with a mirror glaze, we hand-top this cake with fresh berries, chocolate pieces and cream.

Tiramisu Cake:

We use a light vanilla sponge layered with coffee and mascarpone to create a tiramisu cake that’s as decadent as the traditional Italian dessert – but alcohol-free, so it can be enjoyed by everyone. A smooth outer layer of fresh cream and a light dusting of cocoa powder give this cake an authentic finish.

Fruity Pebbles Cake:

Our fruity pebbles layer cake is the perfect balance of fun and sophistication. The elegant fresh cream outside is subtly decorated with colourful fruity pebbles. Cut your first slice to reveal four layers of happy colours, all naturally flavoured with vanilla and complemented by fresh vanilla cream.

Pistachio Cake:

This striking cake is all about pistachio. Three layers of vanilla sponge are layered with pistachio fresh cream, which is created from naturally flavored vanilla cream and ground pistachio nuts. We use this deliciously nutty cream to elegantly cover the cake and complete the design with crushed pistachio.

Strawberry Cream Cake:

We’ve given traditional sponge a very Bix twist. Light vanilla sponge is layered with vanilla cream and strawberry filling. The cake is finished with vanilla cream and white chocolate curls, before being topped with an eye-catching fresh cream design and bright red strawberries. (subject to seasonality)

Red Velvet Cake:

Beautiful in its simplicity, this luxurious red velvet sponge is made with buttermilk and adorned with three layers of fresh vanilla cream. We delicately cover the outside of the cake in a fresh cream layer and finish the design with red velvet crumbs and cream swirls.

Black Forest Cake:

We’ve captured all the rich fruitiness of a Black Forest gateau in this classic cake. Fresh vanilla cream and a deliciously dark cherry filling made with 70% fruit are sandwiched between three layers of light Belgian chocolate sponge. The cake is elegantly finished with vanilla cream and topped with chocolate pieces and glazed cherries.

Chocolate Truffle Cake:

Deliciously indulgent, we only use Belgian chocolate in our dark chocolate cake. Three layers of chocolate sponge and fresh chocolate cream are covered in a smooth chocolate ganache. This cake is elegantly wrapped in a handcrafted dark chocolate wrap and completed with a delicate chocolate garnish.

Butterscotch Cake:

Our Butterscotch cake is a best seller. It features three layers of light vanilla sponge sandwiched with sweet, nutty nougat, crunch butterscotch and sweet butter cream. It’s finished with a fresh vanilla whipped cream, delicately decorated with crumbled nougat pieces and hand-made, nut brittle.

Serving Sizes:

6 inch-  Serves 4-6 people

9 inch- Serves 8-12 people

¼ sheet- Serves 23-25 people

½ sheet-Serves 35-40 people

Full sheet-Serves 45-50 people

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